Terms of service For Jobseekers
Article 1 : "Worldot"
"Worldot" is the general term for the information distribution and job-seeking support services by the global recruitment strategy website (https://worldot.com) on the Internet provided by Worldot Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "this Firm") and e-mails associated with this site.
Article 2 : Use of "Worldot"
It shall be deemed that those using "Worldot" (hereinafter referred to as "Jobseekers") shall have agreed to all the content in the "Worldot" Usage Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "this Agreement" when using "Worldot" Declarations of disagreement shall only be recognized with the non-use of "Worldot".
Article 3 : Responsibilities of Jobseekers
Jobseekers shall use "Worldot" under their own free will and shall bear all responsibilities involved in the use of this site.
Article 4 : Prohibited Acts of Jobseekers
Jobseekers shall not carry out the following acts in "Worldot".
  • Acts which infringe upon a third party’s or this Firm’s copyright, patent rights, utility model rights, design rights, trademark rights or other intellectual property rights
  • Acts which infringe upon other parties’ rights or this Firm’s assets, privacy or honor
  • Acts which slander a third party or this Firm
  • Acts which disadvantage, or may disadvantage, a third party or this Firm
  • Acts to register or notify false information
    *In the event an act such as this is discovered, this Firm shall reserve the right to claim compensation for all damages (direct and indirect) suffered by this Firm due to such acts.
  • Acts which are contrary, or may be contrary, to public order and morals
  • Acts which violate, or may violate, various laws and regulations
  • Acts which provide information for business activities or commercial purposes using "Worldot"
  • Acts in which information obtained through "Worldot" is reproduced, sold, published or otherwise used beyond the range of personal use
  • Acts which interfere, or which may interfere, with the operations of "Worldot" or acts which damage, or may damage, the trust of this Firm
Article 5 : Disclaimers
  • This Firm shall bear no responsibility for any damages (all disadvantages including emotional distress, interruption to job seeking activities and other financial losses) arising from the use (including the information provision of this Firm or third parties associated with this) or the failure to be able to use "Worldot".
  • This Firm shall bear absolutely no responsibility for any damages arising from sites or services provided by third party companies that can be accessed through "Worldot".
  • This Firm shall bear absolutely no responsibility in the event of damages caused by a natural disaster or other damages arising due to reasons that cannot be attributed to the responsibility of this Firm.
  • This Firm cannot guarantee that data in "Worldot" will not be changed or deleted. Jobseekers shall save the necessary data under their own responsibility.
Article 6 : Rejection of a Provided Information Guarantee
  • The information provided in "Worldot" (information provided by registering companies, advertisement or other third parties) is provided under the responsibility of those third parties. Therefore, Jobseekers shall use this information at their own risk with an understanding that this Firm provides absolutely no guarantee in regards to the truthfulness, legality, safety, adequacy, usefulness, newness or any other matter (e.g. published deadlines) of provided information.
  • This Firm provides absolutely no guarantee against malfunctions, errors or failures in the provision of "Worldot" for the accuracy of information obtained from "Worldot" or that "Worldot" and the products, services and information which can be obtained through "Worldot" will satisfy the expectations of Jobseekers.
Article 7 : Responsibilities to Third Parties
All disputes and damages arising with a third party through the use of "Worldot" by Jobseekers shall be resolved under the responsibility of the Jobseekers. This Firm shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for any such disputes or damages and shall not intervene in such matters.
Article 8 : Compensation for Damages
In the event Jobseekers violate this Agreement and damages are suffered by this Firm, the said Jobseekers shall be obligated to compensate this Firm for all direct and indirect damages.
Article 9 : Handling of Personal Information
Handling of personal information shall be defined in the separately determined "Personal Information Protection Policy" and "Handling of Personal Information Acquired during "Worldot" Registration."
Article 10 : Use of Information
In addition to the preceding article, this Firm shall reserve the right to use without limit the log information obtained by this Firm when Jobseekers view "Worldot" and statistical information in which this information has been processed, aggregated and analyzed. It shall be deemed that Jobseekers have consented to this in advance.
Article 11 : Copyright and Use of Provided Information
  • The copyright of all content (including videos, photographs and illustrations; hereinafter the same) published on "Worldot" shall belong to this Firm. However, this shall not apply to documents and photographs, etc. created by Jobseekers.
  • This Firm shall reserve the right to the secondary usage worldwide of information provided to "Worldot" except information that identifies individuals, and all content created by "Worldot" based on this on media in which editing, publishing or sales are performed by this Firm or third parties specified by this Firm. In such an event, Jobseekers shall not exercise author's moral rights against this Firm or the third parties specified by this Firm.
Article 12 : Changes to "Worldot"
  • This Firm shall reserve the right to change and temporarily suspend "Worldot" without prior notice to Jobseekers.
  • This Firm shall reserve the right to suspend for a long time or terminate the provision of "Worldot" with a notification period of one month.
Article 13 : Changes to this Agreement
This Firm shall reserve the right to make changes to this Agreement at any time. It shall be deemed that all Jobseekers have immediately consented to the content of the changes at the time these are displayed on "Worldot".
Article 14 : Governing Law and Jurisdiction
This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Japan. The Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance for all disputes arising in regards to the use of "Worldot" or this Agreement.

If you have any questions regarding the above Usage Agreement, please contact the following company.
Worldot Co., Ltd.
E-mail: info@worldot.co.jp
Enacted on June 1, 2019

Worldot Co., Ltd.
Hirofumi Uemura, Representative Director